Good Riddance 2010

I'm going to copy other brilliant people due to my lack of brain cells at the moment.
I was going to actually go through ALL of my posts from 2010 and determine the top WORST moments but I decided that it was little too negative to relive those again.
A couple, however, are listed in my top 10 most VIEWED posts of 2010.

#10 -(I'm feeling like David Letterman here...)

#6 - (Hey this is kinda fun!  No wonder DL does it every night...)

And Number 1:




(This does not surprise me.)

There you have it folks. 
Orion & I living it up in the hospital on New Year's Eve.
And I am really, REALLY hoping that we can break in 2011 at home later tonight.

Enjoy your New Year, and I know most of you are little smarties and already love on your sweets all the time but just for reassurance you should probably do it again.