The Gift of Giving


Sure dosen't fit the title does it?

I know hate is a very strong word but COME ON people!

I have a friend whose husband stopped and told a pan handler to come to his house the next day and he would pay him to do some work for him.
The rotten, greedy panhandler wanted something for nothing and never showed up.
If I was in THEIR shoes, I would do WHATEVER possible to work. I would NOT sit on the side of the street corner and beg from passersby!
I know I don't know their story or their background but still... I do not feel that it is appropriate for people to sit on a street corner EVERY GD DAY begging for change instead of attempting to go out and get a job.
We struggle.
We ALL freaking struggle!!!
You make changes, you eat Ramen noodles and walk where you need to until you can

Now, that rant being said - I am also trying to teach compassion and giving to a four year old.

This is the same four year old who wants to take the money out of the bell ringers bucket so he can 'buy' a pizza. He's too young to get it, I know. So as opportunity presents itself at EVERY busy street corner these days, what would you know a panhandler was on our way.

I locked our doors, I pulled a $1 (yes, I am sooooo freaking giving), handed it to Orion, rolled down the window 1/2 way, and told him to giving it to the sad man on the street. The man peered in and said thank you, and I told him Merry Christmas. And of course I practically rolled the window up in his face for fear of him doing something stupid to us at this busy intersection.

(I AM terrible, I cannot trust or give people the benefit of the doubt BECAUSE there are too many loser crazies out there. I should know, I'm one of them for opening my GD window and letting my child hand money to a stranger!!!)

Point of the story:

As we drove away Orion asked why we did that.
I told him, "We may not have much but maybe that man had less and showing compassion and giving may help him in his life right now."
He was quiet and I KNOW the wheels were turning but he never said another word.

What do you want to bet that NOW he'll want to give to EVERY pan handler he see's?