Christmas Eve 2010

A beautiful sunny Christmas Eve.
The boys have been fantastic.
I took them to the park this morning.
I watched as Orion dismantled slush while Bo danced around a leaf waiting for the breeze to move it again.
Niether of them were aware, they were lost in their own wonderful little worlds without a care.
It. Was. Breathtaking.
Tonight they opened their gifts to each other, it did nothing to deter the fighting.
We ate pumpkin cheesecake for dinner.
Yes, I said for dinner.
We waited for gma Dee & gpa Rob on Skype and opened gifts from them.

Orion came downstairs not too long ago and said he saw Santa flying by...
We just finished setting out Santa's plate of cookies and milk.
I don't know if he'll ever get to sleep!
Orion told me that Santa wasn't going to bring me a gift if I didn't go to bed - I told him that I already got the 2 best gifts of my life and it would be hard to top them.
When I told him it was him and Bo he just giggled and called me silly.
I {heart} this age and the excitement it brings...
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