The Great Claus of 2010

Tis the season
For my blood pressure to boil.
I always, always, always try to get the boys in with Santa early.
Before the line.
Who would've thought that this year other peeps felt the same.
There was a line.
At noon.
When Santa showed up.
For his 2nd day
We were 5th on line.
Do you remember this from last year?
Or how about 2008?
I love the recaps.
Well 1st off, please forgive the picture quality.
As some of you may remember my clash with my all-in-one printer...
It didn't end well.
Did I mention I punched the damn thing and broke the ONLY working item - the scanner?
Yes I threw a fit and now I have to suffer for awhile before I buy a new one.
And for that I had to stoop so low as to take a photo of a photo.

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And there you have it.
After waiting in line,
Making Bo stop crawling on the ground
And yelling at Orion to stop peeling the glitter off the fake gift boxes,
We made it.
Plus one.
Bo SCREAMED bloody murder when I tried to put him in Santa's lap.
Orion did fantastic!
Still no smile.
He did tell Santa that he wanted (God forbid) more Thomas the Train stuff.
Bo ran away.
I am thankful.
I look back at the last 2 and I remember each time. 
It's not so funny then,
and REALLY funny now.
At least Santa looks more alive this year - he was great!

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