House Of Sick x 3

Yes, we were THE House Of Sick again,
You'd think with all these fancy shots work REQUIRES you to get I could
AT LEAST avoid a major flu
No dice.
I feel so bad for the boys. 
This thing took. me. out.
I had a cold (thanks to the boys) starting Wednesday last week blow up to a down and out body aching, shivering, stomach curdling flu as of the following Tuesday night.
The next morning, I didn't even get off the couch until 10am!
The little guys did pretty dang well considering I was so bad my hubster moved to the spare bedroom and I caught up on a year's worth of TV.
Orion threw up on the floor a few times, Bo had the runs for 5 days...
(I am really, really, sorry Mel...  I hope Amara didn't get it!)
So here's me being late with the Halloween while every one else has moved on to Thanksgiving.

Orion had 2 costumes again, he went to church as a race car driver and then spent the night as his volcano self.  Bo was fortunate enough to fit (and not throw a fit) in the buzz-buzz-bebe costume Orion had a couple of years ago!  The stinger on his butt was a HUGE hit!  People kept asking if he was a boy or a girl (cause he's so pretty of course) you should have seen Jeff's feather's ruffle.  His chest puffed out in offense and he muttered "boy" under his breathe each time.  It was hee-hee-larious!

We have some pretty wonderful neighbors.  The gal across the street made cute little Halloween packages for the boys that included these glasses.  We had TONS of fun playing with them.

Now we are back to normal.  The garage is cleaned out.  Both vehicles now fit!  Jeff surprised me when I came home from work.  Even had a clean house on top of it.  I was almost too sick to notice, I didn't even change out of my scrubs! 
Tomorrow I'm off to do nuts. 
Back to the grind!