Venting, yet again

I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.
(Insert HA HA here.)

But honestly, really, truly,
I have been good.

And it's been hard.
Really, really, I mean
If you don't want to be around me, then take your freaking butt and leave
because most likely I don't want to be around you either.
And no, before any of you start wondering, no one who reads this is someone that it is being directed to.
Now with that said, even if said person or persons DID read this
they wouldn't take the hint anyways!
Life is altogether great, just a few knuckleheads to throw you off balance.
Momma Shaw, you know what I mean.
So yes I vent to a few people.
Unfortunately it's the wrong people who don't understand.
So I keep my mouth shut more.


And I keep putting in some distance in between...

And hope that someday things will end up on the flip side.
Have I been vague enough for you all?

On a side note, I still have a giveaway coming up!
I haven't forgotten - so stayed tuned.
More drama momma on the way...