My Hero...

Mother's Day 2009 

One of the stipulations of me taking this new job was that for a short while, we would need help picking up the boys from daycare because I would no longer be able to do it.
After all, it is only three days a week.
That plan has failed as I knew it would.
I don't know why I put myself in this position to begin with,
I am responsible for my own kids and it is
of me to let myself be put in this place.
And really, how can I complain?
We have been given so much and so much help.  I have no right.
It. Is. My. Own. Fault.
I know you ALL know WHERE the HECK I am coming from on this...
And what?
What did you say?
The CHECK ENGINE light just came on in the Santa Fe?
The Shit-ith has just hit-ith the fan-ith.
Now we are now down to 1 vehicle.
Oh, and let this weekend widow add that Jiffy was communing with nature while this was going down.
So when my Prince Charming calls me from his little man-sleep-over, I give him the horrid details.
Much to my surprise, in one fail swoop - he saves us!
Last week his work asked if someone would take a graveyard shift through January.
Thus not only solving our daycare issue with the boys but ALSO enabling us to use 1 vehicle until the other is fixed.
(Nevermind the fact that he failed to mention this little ditty even though he KNEW I had been stressing out over the "kid pick up" situation for of months now.)
He bucked up.
We all have to.
Now hopefully he can catch his boss and get that shift before someone else does or else we are literally