Life as we know it

Sometimes, when I'm angry it just feels so right
At times like now I look back and see how silly it was to feel that way
No matter how hard I try not to
I still take life for granted

When my brother was alive, he asked me one time if I believed in Angels
I told him I didn't know what to believe in
That is the truth
Some people have their faith
Some people have their science
Me, well I do believe in the possibility of something greater than ourselves
I believe that every choice we make guides us down a different vein of life
There is no easy path
No right
No wrong
Just a learning experience
Every step we take...

Life as we know it
Never stays the same
Every waking moment
Every little thing makes it change
Most things never go according to plan

My heart pours for two wonderful parents
Who stand by and watch their daughter in need

My heart aches for the siblings to young to fully comprehend

My heart is dying for a girl so young
One who hasn't had a chance to experience life
One who felt that it was no longer worth being a part of

My friends of many beliefs
One of our own needs our help
Whether it be your prayers or the power of positive thinking
Please pass them this way...