Walmart = WT; Freddies = Snobby B!tches

You know, I hadn't been to Fred Meyer in awhile.  Had a few things to grab, no major shopping.  They DO have THE best produce in town.  But, prices are hit and miss.
On this sunny evening, I blasted through the store.  Checking out what was new in the seasonal sections grabbed my junk and was on my way out.

On that wonderful path to the exit, I see a little boy.  And when I mean little, I mean he was smaller than Bo.  Which means he could have been 2 +.  Who knows.
This little boy was standing in the seat, leg hanging over, on his way OUT of the cart.
Ther's no way in HELL he would land it.  No way. Uh uh.
No mom, dad in sight.
Being what I thought was a half way decent mom I rush over, "Uh oh!   No no no no little dude!"
The Mom pops up from her crouch, "He's just fine!"
Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!
Apparently I didn't take the 'ignore other peoples children when in danger' class.
My Bad.
Me on the otherhand, had I been in her situation (and I have) would have said thank you.
I think I'll stick to the Wally World crazies instead. 
At least most of them are nice.