Is there anyone out there who does NOT feel invisible at times?
And no, not you attention seeking melodramatic fools...
You real peeps know what I mean.
How about self-loathing?
I do that one a lot.

It's easy to feel that way.

But once in a while,
someone comes along and proves you completely wrong.
whom you've hardly worked with in a 4year time span (circumstances mind you)
BLOWS you away with a few choice words:


I'm glad you got the new job and that it will work out better for your family.  But I am going to miss you.  I have enjoyed working with you.  I admire your work ethic and commitment to your family.  I'm so glad little Bo came into your life.  I think of him as a miracle baby and an answer to many prayers.  It seems like the two boys have been a comfort and helped with healing over the loss of your brother Bo.  I hope that you can think of me as a friend and not just someone you used to work with.

Love and hugs

There you go.
What did I tell ya?
Well Tess, let me tell YOU how much your card made my day.
I wept.
I am proud to have met and have known you and call you a friend.
I am not worthy of being understood
And I appreciate you for bringing me into light.

Thank you because you are so very right.

Keep Rockin,