A Massive Week

Of learning and life balancing.
I don't like working full time.
No way, uh-uh.
Now of course if I HAD to I would.
But it doesn't for that way for us.
Five days a week, 8 hours a day -
Three ten hour days -
Well, I can live with that!
Not to mention the set days, set hours, set location to go on with the rest of this wonderfulness.

I know 'wonderfulness' is not a word but I like it and therefore I will use it.
Screw you grammar junkies.

I gotta say, 1st week and I am LOVING life.
This new position is VERY life altering in a seriously good way.
Thank goodness for something so simple to make our lives a TON easier.
I know I appreciate it.
Now I can focus on Orion, Bo, and HALLOWEEN!!!
(Oh and I guess the rest of the holidays too.)

Here's me cheering to continue to NOT SCREW up and keep my manager and department happy!