Wow, WOW Wednesday!

Who ever said "days off" are great - sucks ass.

I had the last 6 days off.

Yes my friends I said 6. You know what I did with them? Let me recap...

THURSDAY 3/11 - HYDROSEED This is an important word to know because it will save you LOTS of $$$. It would have cost us $1200 - $1900 to sod our back yard. It will cost us $300+ to have HYDROSEED instead.

FRIDAY 3/12 - Dealing with crappy companies should be a lesson learned. But how do you know until you use them right? Uh yeah. Trying to find someone to extend our patio was a nightmare. On the plus side, I got BOTH kids down for a nap at the same time. WOOT WOOT!

SATURDAY 3/13 - Jeff & I get a babysitter (aside from family) for THE 1ST TIME. Deb has a seriously awesome kid. She did great with the boys - WE HEART YOU BRITT - COME BACK!!! (Orion pronounces her name BERT-KNEE.) Now as for our date not so good. Jeff & I went to celebrate our tattoo chicks 10 years in the biz at some bar in Nampa. As we were on the freeway, neither one of us could remember the name of said bar and took a road trip to Caldwell in search of this place. Needless to say we found it after almost being side swiped. The incident was avoided due to me driving up on the sidewalk on the blvd. We hadn't even had a drink yet but we needed one really bad after that. 30 minutes tops at the bar, we reeked of cig smoke decided to bail and go watch Avatar. 2 hours through the movie, I am DYING from a migraine and we had to leave. Cute little Britt was curled upon the couch. It was weird to be in the place of the mom vs. teen BB sitter.

SUNDAY 3/14 - an awesome dude gives us a steal of a deal for an extension to our patio. We start raking the yard and moving sprinklers in preparation for the blessed event.

MONDAY 3/15 - OUR SHED CAME IN!!! Enough said. Only I spent the day moving things from the garage to the shed.

TUESDAY 3/16 - Screw this, I need a BREAK! A microderm session at Oliver Finley. Kudos to these guys for teaching students on a good job. I WILL be going back. Boo co cheap man. Cap the night off with a visit to the library where Orion got his very own library card. :) AND a trip to Mc D's for 1/2 price happy meals for the 2 of us. Ahhh it was a good day.

WEDNESDAY 3/17 - Here's where the fun begins. I started work @ 7am, 7:10 the power goes out. Pitch Black. Scared the poo out of me. Me & the RN were calling back & forth to each other trying to find flashlights. I called another site (that I knew off the top of my head) to call the bosses because I couldn't see the #'s to call them myself!

BONUS Stupid moment: While the power was out, I managed to work on the paper schedule for the next day. When was finished I went to staple the papers together. The stapler wouldn't work. WTF? DUH! It's electric! Boy am I a dumba$$. I had to get out the ol timers stapler to get the job done. Rather pathetic I tell you.

But wait, it gets better!

I was so excited to get home and seen our new concrete pad. When we got out of the car Orion went to get the mail and I told him to come in the back yard with me. I was talking to the concrete dude and I start thinking what is taking that kid so long? I go around the fence & I hear the alarm in the house going off! I run in, turn it off only to see the back door open.

You see, Orion had to pee. He went in the house anyways to go potty and after the delay the alarm went off. It scared the poop out of Orion and he took off out the back door ON THE NEW WET CONCRETE. We now have Orion steps to commemorate the event. Apparently I hadn't turned off the alarm in enough time because then the POLICE SHOW UP. Yes, the police. Julie had tried calling me but I was busy as it was and didn't answer. The alarm company called everyone on my list. Everyone knew about it but me. Yippee! The cop said we get 1 freebie a year and I wouldn't be charged for the visit. Next time though... Julie came over as the cops were leaving, Paulette called after her walk with the dogs worried that something was wrong, Susanna called to check up on us too. S-U-P-E-R H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

The whole thing CRACKED me up. Jeff was pissed about the foot steps in the concrete but when we get to tell the story, it will bring me many laughs, especially when girl-friends start coming around. Tee Hee.