My poor tum tum...

I am sick to my stomach,
Not from a bug
And no, before you go there - not a baby.


It makes me sick.
My schedule.
Worrying about daycare.
Worrying about work days.
Worrying about working 3 days a week or 4.
Worrying about job sharing.

Why do I torment myself?
Is it because I've always had a job?
Do I live in fear of NOT having that support?
Of relying of Jeff completely and not bringing anything to my family?

I am so frustrated.
Sick & frustrated.
I believe I remember venting about my frustrations not too long ago...
Still no change.
Still very, very hard and upsetting.
Stomach curdling.

This is me breathing through it.
I know no matter what, my opinion does not count and nothing will change.
I could go for that other job,
But what about the discount for medical attention?
Stupid discounts.

So frustrated.
It's okay.
No advice needed.
Just venting.

This is unless of course anyone knows of job that pays about $14 an hour working 3 SET days a week?
Or if you are willing to share your lottery winnings?