I got pissed.

I threw a tantrum.
I broke my scanner.
My tember got out of control.

I have fought & fought & fought with my stupid all-in-one printer.
For the last 4 years.
The only thing that really worked was the scanner.
I've had to feed every single sheet of paper.
Watch it skip as it printed photos
Jam ink cartridges.
Spit out paper like it was going out of style.

Today I screamed every profane word in my vocabulary.

I punched the printer.
It is still alive.
I broke the scanner.
Now nothing works right.

To top it off, the struts on the truck need replaced.
They are not covered under the warranty.
Let me add to that the $15,000 in medical bills we have waiting to go through insurance.

I was pissed.
Now I am defeated.