HE shocked ME!

A therapist told me that a good way to get my feelings out was to write it on paper.

Thus a blog was born.
Now this blog is more about my family but I do have my own little side project that is all for myself.
When I am feeling blue or miss my bro.
This morning I was adding to that project…

Jeff called me.

This is not abnormal. We try to touch base at least once during the day while I am working otherwise we never see each other!
This one was different.
I told him to hold on because a patient had walked in.
When I got back on the phone, this is what he says:

“I just got done from working out. I was driving by the cemetery and they were having a funeral. I just wanted to call and tell you I love you because you never know what can happen. That was all.”

Blew me a way. There was no way he could have known how I was feeling at that moment to be able to bring tears to my eyes. I had a hard time controlling my voice. I told him that he shouldn’t do that. I’m sure he probably did not understand my meaning.
He couldn’t have said anything better to me at that moment and of course I couldn’t spit it out without letting the tears fall.
We did our regular chit chat, said our love you’s & good bye’s.
I see so many friends with their marriages crumbling around them,
I often question my own,

And then he does something like this that reinforces our decision.