CCAM & Polyhydromanois

We are saddened to discover that not only are the issues I have been having real, they are a direct result of our unborn little honey fighting to make it to this world. Last time I wrote that the MD thought I may be passing a stone, well that probably would having been better than this.
I went to IMI and the US tech took pics of my kidneys & bladder and decided to take pics of baby Bo for fun. Then she left to check the pics with the radiologist. To my surprise and horror, the radiologist came back into the room. Now we all know that when the MD's come in that can't be good. He tells me that everything looks good but that they found large cysts on Bo's lung, right lower lobe. He went in and took more pics to confirm. He said he'd compare my Dec. US with this one and call my OBGYN afterward.
A day and a half later, the OBGYN RN calls & tells me to come in the following morning for another US with my MD to confirm the findings. This is what he found:
1: I wasn't joking when I said I am huge. This is related to the fact that I am currently supporting twice the amount of amniotic fluid than what their normally should be at this time.
2: All of the fluid has been basically making my body act as if it is labor, which I have been going through for the last month.
3: 2nd US shows the large cystic masses on Bo's lungs which are the root cause of all of my own issues.
Dr. L said that whatever the obstruction is, Bo is not able to ingest/digest the amniotic fluid like normal babies causing all of my current symptoms. He's got size on his side AND his lungs were moving is the US. Currently we are trying to prevent pre term labor, pre eclampsia, and hydrops in the baby. Hydrops is the worst thing that can happen at this moment so hopefully it will skip us... I was also told that we will most likely have to drain some of the amniotic fluid a few times. I'm not to thrilled to have a huge freaking needle stuck in my gut but I will do whatever I have to to make sure Bo has a chance at long, full life.
Now I was told to do nothing this weekend but lay low & take it easy until I see a specialist on Monday for Bo. Hopefully bedrest will not happen, I am worried that it will.
This is my souvenir from IMI, I think they felt bad for actually finding something wrong and felt obligated to send me home with a profile pic of Bo
I think this is another "I feel sorry for you" souvenir. You can barely see his hand. It's broken up he was moving around so much. The next one of course shows his arm and that he had turned away... My sweet little skinny guy.