Oh I am SO FREAKING TIRED! I am plagued by weird dreams that keep interrupting my sleep. I think a visit with a 1/2 unisom might be beneficial if this keeps up!
Jeff and I both had dentist appointments. Jeff had a difficult time with Orion while I was getting my teeth cleaned. Oh and I have massively swollen bloody gums - WTF?!? Side affects of el baby. While Jeff was getting his teeth cleaned I took Orion for a walk around the neighborhood. He did pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I just kept him a little busier than Jeff did. We introduced Orion to some of the dentistry items while in between appointments. He goes in for his 1st tooth check up in 6 months!!! (I hope he has his Momma's teeth...)
Jeff & GrandDad took Orion to the BSU BBall game that night, I guess Orion had a thing for the cheerleader skirts - go figure. He did pretty good.
Today we went to Nana & GrandDads and hung out for the BSU/Idaho game. GrandDad was so nice to teach Orion the word 'quiet', in which he proceeded to tell everyone to be quiet. It was hilarious! He even shushed us! I laughed so hard my head hurt!
And I know this is silly but earlier in the day I went to baby shower and one of the hostesses warmed a cheese with carmelized onions, crasins, & pastachios on top placed on some bread and now of course I can't get it out of my head it was so YUMMY!!!!