Latest Baby Bo/Beau visit - 16 weeks

Orion took an eventful trip to the doc's office on Halloween morning. Orion was my cute little Bumble Bee escort. My weight is teetering backwards but no one is worried about it until our 20 week visit. Then Orion sat on the table with me and we got to listen to the heartbeat. When the RN put the doppler on my tummy, you could hear it instantly! And what did Orion do? "BABY BOBO!" He knew just what he was hearing. It was pretty cute. I had a blood test afterwards and thankfully there were toys in the room BUT when we were done and went to leave, Orion didn't want to put the toys back. So I took it away and put it back for him. Orion turned around and proceeded to bite my thigh. The RN said she had never seen a kid 'hug' their parent when a toy was taken away. I then told her he was biting, not hugging. He moved away and threw a fit and the nurse was shocked at the bite mark on my pant leg! She told him the Bees sting not bite - I don't think he cared. The little turd still got tons of candy after that little stunt. We went to Walgreens for some whatever reason and I noticed that within 15 minutes they were taking a Halloween pic of your kid and putting it on a CD for 31 cents. So we hung around for that. Even after all that candy, Orion went home and crashed for his nap. We went to dinner with the Tranas and Harris' @ Red Robin. After we went Trick or Treating at Nana & Granddads neighborhood. Orion turned into SpongeBob SquarePants, was saying 'trick or treat' at every door AND he said 'thank you' AND 'bye-bye' by the 5th house WITHOUT us telling him to!!! We did have issues with him taking handfuls of candy but he did really well other than that. The kid made out like a bandit!!!