Camping @ Yellowpine

Wellllllllllllll, it seems that we had some fun in Yellowpine. This year we ALL got to go and enjoy. There was a camp group of about 13 people. Lots of booze and food! At the harmonica festival Orion scored a SpongeBob from G-ma Spice (that's a story for another time) and a drunk lady bumped into Heather, Chris, & Von. As we watched her walk away, it was hard to dismiss the fact that she had completely pissed herself. Orion had his 1st smores and loved them - and was utterly sick by the end of the trip! He got a virus and had a moderately high temp for 3 days! Poor Susanna stayed pretty stationary since she was banged up from her scooter accident, and the rest of the guys left the chicks for hours at a time while they went and played.