Playing catch up.

So I haven't turned on my computer in about a week and I'm packing in all these pictures and updates as much as I can remember. On Tuesday the 1st I watched a fire start behind our house and spring across the field within seconds - kinda cool but scary! I had applied at Idaho Power but that just wasn't going to work out no matter how enticing the work environment was. We sold the jet ski's, for too little if you ask me. But hey THEIR GONE! And Jeff is getting a new trailer and a dual sport with the money. That's right I said Jeff, I think somewhere along the line I was forgotten in the spending of the money department. Now this will sound funny: My brother's ex-girlfriend (who married another guy in September) just had a baby. I am very happy for them but couldn't help but think it should have been my brother's baby, that was kind of sad. I also think whenever Orion does something exceptionally cute that I wish Bo was here to see him! And my weight is out of control but I can't help myself when I see those damn $6 burger ads from Carl's Jr! J/K but I could be better... Who is happy with their weight? Susanna maybe. The Bows family is staying with us on the 14th & 15th, no confirmation yet but so far that's the plan. We are VERY excited to see them and Alyssa, it still sucks that they moved away but they are much better for it. I miss my friends but I don't have much of an opportunity to see them. Things will be a tad different now that Jeff will be going to Graveyard. I'll get to work out before he leaves (which doesn't hurt) and I get to go to somethings with people in the evenings as well. Now Jeff and I do not have any days off together, but also less $$$ on daycare. I guess I am done with my random ramblings (Isn't that Deborah's line?) and this Whiskey Tango is signing off for another day. Coming soon to a blog near you: Our 4th of July, UFC at the Trana's and a pool date with friends.