Shoshone Falls

We had a wonderful trip out of town today. You wouldn't know it by our happy faces but the Frasiers were almost sandwiched in a near collision due to an idot driver on the freeway with the Tranas watching in horror two cars behind us. All in all we had a great time! This was my attempt at being creative and including the Tranas in our drive time. Here are my cute boys, yes Jeff NEVER looks happy. Our little familicious when we 1st arrived at the falls. Jeff freaking me out with Orion on his shoulders. It literally just drops off a cliff on the side of the viewing area. And here we have the cute little Trana familicious! So, there are platforms that hang off the cliffs, they have cement leading up to the platforms and the platforms themselves are grated with holes through them for water to go through. Well, being the mom I kept telling Orion to stop running because I could just picture him landing face 1st on the grates! ( I had a similar injury with a knee in 1st grade!) Orion decides to take off back down the ramp to the grated platform AFTER we had came back out, Jeff was running after him to stop him and LOW & BEHOLD, it happens! Luckily, he stopped short of the grate and bounced his poor little his face on the cement. Below is the after picture, it's looks worse now!
Our trip home, & one tuckered out little poop!