Orion's 2nd Birthday!

Today Orion is 2. It's been a very quiet day. Started out with a birthday waffle with nutella and whip cream - he was in heaven! And then I had some running around to do but he was a very good little 2 year old the whole time. Jeff had to work so he said his 'happy b-days' before we left and Orion and I will be making cupcakes for his daycare when he get's up from his nap. We have actually been celebrating his birthday all weekend so a quiet actual b-day is okay. Saturday we took the 4-wheeler out to the canal and had a morning ride and in the afternoon Orion played at Planet Kid with Jared, Amara, Ryan, Tyler, Emma, Kaleb, & Jackson. Oh and Von was there too! Afterwards The Frasier's, Trana's, and Chamber's kids piled into Chuck-A-Rama and pigged out! Sunday we went to Craig and Julie's for a BIG B-day celebration for EVERYONE! (Orion, Jim, Craig, and Tom - & father's day too.) But little did we know, we now have ANOTHER Junebug birthday - Roman James Moore born on Sunday June the 8th. I think we have b-days running from the 8th through the 12th and Father's Day close behind! June is a bad month for our family, I mean that in a good way. All in all, another year and our little guy is already growing up WAY too fast.