Bah Humbug

Is it bad that I wanted to take down Christmas stuff as soon as it went up?
Is it bad that I have stared out the front window debating on taking down the lights?

Every single year I have a hard time with Christmas.

Now I know what I need to do.  

Next year, I quit Christmas.

I've already been telling everyone so they have a year to let that settle in but it's for real - I. Quit. Christmas.

So before I quit, this is what we have done this year:
Annabell got to visit Santa Paws.
The pic with SP is terrible so here is a cute one of just our girl instead.
Every year at my work White Elephant Gift Exchange, this penguin martini shaker makes it back into the mix.  Everyone wants it at least once.
This year - I snagged it!
It has NEVER had a drop of alcohol in it and I plan to pop that sucker's cherry.
Our little fam went bowling, arcading (yep, just made that up) and movie-ing (that one too).
Bet you never saw a Space Invaders that big! 
Aquaman was awesome!
I kinda snoozed through part of it but the part I was awake for was really good.
We got our annual Greg Marsh Christmas cake today, coconut with lemon filling.
I am so excited to cut into this sucker tomorrow!
We went to Winter Garden aGlow- along with the rest of Boise.
That's one of the bad things about being one of the fastest growing populations in the U.S.... all the fun stuff isn't so enjoyable anymore with all of these people raining on your parade.
We also made a stop at the Capital tree.
I swear they pick the ugliest trees for this job.
This is what I get when I say 'let's take a picture with those trees in the background'.
Moody tweenage boy on my right and psycho creeper boy on my left. 
Just look at his creepy eye!!!
This one worked out better.
And well, it wouldn't be a post without my quirky Penny-winny.
Instead of coming to see what I am doing on the floor, she gets above me on the counter and pat's my head.
Like the naughty kitty she is.
We created this spoiled monster.



So it's been awhile...
Sue me.
Oh wait, this is the amazing U.S. of A.  That would be a probable outcome from our pompous, self-righteous country - I take it back.
Holidays and people have got me down and out.
Good thing Snapchat is here with fun, festive filters to save the day!
Then there is sweet, sweet little Penny...
Er... I mean rotten little Elf mutilator.
She takes it upon herself to take out Chippy whenever she sees fit.
I do have to give props to my Bo though, he took this amazing shot of Pennywhizzel in her natural crazy state of mind.
She definitely keeps us all very entertained.
Between her and Annabell, these 2 are the most spoiled rotten animals!
Look very, very closely at the photo below...

Can't see anything?

Well here it is with the flash - BUSTED!

Okay  - byeeeeeeee!



Nothing I dislike more than my guys turning into screen zombies.
ALL of my guys.
When Caldwell announced they had opened a new skating rink it was game on!
Until it wasn't.
They closed due to capacity and we were not waiting 1.5 hours in boring ass Caldwell to skate.
But we did get a squinty #usie !!!

And of course we went home and all of my guys were slaves to the screen again.
And I am too because I started to play with Snapchat and annoy Jeff.
It was awesome.


Week in Whaaaaa???

Ummm, oops.
Don't know where the time went but my consistency on here slipped away!

We had a REALLY good rainfall in the last couple of weeks that resulted in snails taking up residence on our driveway.  I saved as many as I could but uh... we have a few crushed shells. 

We froze our booties off in Nampa for Orion's last season game.
It was weird/cool to see the old Stampede building surrounded by baseball fields.
It was a bit nostalgic...  that's been hitting me a lot lately.
Wedding magic happening at my crib.
I was coerced into doing someone's wedding hair but it turned out better than I had hoped so I feel pretty good about the upcoming nuptials.
I was also guilted into taking this lovely ladies senior photos...
With my phone.
I don't feel good about that but man they turned out good!
Helps that the subject is a stunner.
A group of work ladies and I made a bunch of different signs with a cricut machine.  Now I NEED one.
I was super excited and framed this sucker out for some fancy pants detailing.
My neighbs brought some Halloween swag for my boys and these glasses were a part of the pack.
Needless to say, I had some fun...
At poor Annabell's expense.
She is such a good girl!
I about peed myself laughing at her, especially when the one eye started to drop!
We have the cheesy, stupid expensive pumpkin patch that the boys hit this year.
They were playing country music.
We couldn't get away from there fast enough.
And the glasses made a final appearance for the day.
Tomorrow we're off to Orion band concert.
Gotta get our fireplace fixed.
Jeff and Orion are going hunting.
1 wedding and 2 Halloween parties all on the same day!