This Happened

By some miracle of miracles - another kitten was rescued out of the drain Penny came from.

Meet Lucy...  Pennys sister.

Lucys mom took off for the San Diego vs BSU game this weekend and needed a kitten sitter. 

Que me to the rescue.

These 2 may have only been together a week at most after birth, and they were like 2 peas in a pod. 

We adore our little PW and its super awesome to have made a new friend and get a visit from sister kitty!


I know

Everything is all kitten.
Orion told Penny today that he was a lucky kitty to have me for a mom. (Yep, water leaked out of my eyes.)

Besides, right now that kitten is the cutest little picture bug...
Here is a snap of one of my fur-less babies.
Yep.  Thats what I get.



He was so content on my SIL's chest - he peed on her.
Then he looked so cute and still sleeping that we took pictures.
And of course, sweet ol Annabelly-Welly getting neglected.



'IT's' funny because oddly enough 'IT' has been dubbed Pennywise thanks to our genius neighbors since 'IT' was found in a drain.


I still like Cotton.

Annnd Orion just got suckled.