Nights well spent (?)

Before and after.
Pre-night spent at friends house:
Happy boy
After a night of zero sleep at said friends house.
Aka Miserable Boy



Annabell's gone a new glamorous route to prevent licking of the booboo.
All but 5 staples were able to be removed, hopefully the remainder will be soon now that we have a cone upgrade.

Pretty sure Annabell disagrees.


Week In Review

Making enamel jewelry...
Ugh, we might have an infection brewing.
Bring on the cone of shame...
My new gardening gloves!
Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad

Cone of shame is also the cone of games.


Cover Girl

Things are a tad messy around here with everything Annabell.
Before her big day, she had a positive moment in the spotlight.

She is now Garden Cities cover girl for their dog license program!
Ok so technically, she is still in the spot light but it was pretty awesome of her dog-auntie Susanna to put her on the front page!

And cute Rio is on the inside!
Pennywise has decided that things are back to normal... 
And a lovely close up of Annabell's boo-boo.
My poor girl...
PS - I could have replaced my carpet and counters with what we have spent on this fur baby.
I'm not bitter but it stings.



Get ready for a mouthful.

I'm a skeptic.  Always have been, always will.   Not into gimmicks or any crap like that.  A frugal beast to boot.  I have to be seriously SOLD on something before I take the plunge on costly hair stuff.  I mean, there is botox, lip fillers and microblading to be had people!

When a dear friend (who has a very similar thought process to mine) started promoting and selling Monat hair products - I took notice.
I pestered her with lots of questions.  Read tons of reviews.  Went to a Q&A session where I have to admit, the gals who were there promoting the product did not have to-die-for hair.  I {sadly} had higher expectations.  However; after another friends daughter was coerced to be our tester hair model and I literally witnessed magic on her THICK, super curly hair.  It was impressive to see her mane tamed and more defined.

I decided to take the plunge.

I waited - impatiently - for my order to arrive.  I took photos of my hair and scalp a week beforehand to see if it made a difference in the long run.

My 1st wash review:
I read the instructions thoroughly prior to washing.  I mean, how can you screw up washing your hair right?  According to reviews, it's happened.
Wash with the shampoo, twice.
I got the volume system.  I boast that my natural look is similar to a used condom and needed an intervention.  When washing the 1st round:  Due to my research, I knew that it would not sud up well because it was collecting the build up off my hair.  2nd round wash:  LOTS of lather.  Left on for the time alotted on the bottle.  Rinsed.  My hair felt stripped as it anticipated.
I am NOT a wash in conditioner user.  Sounds weird right?  Yeah, I am more of a leave-in-conditioner-after-the-shower kind of chick.  It's worked well for me.
This. Was. Amazing.  Again, I followed the directions.  When rinsing, I was surprised at how smooth my hair felt - IN WATER!
Next - conditioning masque
I decided to give my locks an extra boost of love by using the masque on my 1st go round as well.  Equally impressed at how my hair felt when rinsing.
Everything smelled fresh and clean.
When I got out of the shower, my scalp had a tingly feeling.  Not unpleasant.  More like something was working in there that I couldn't see.

Comb out hair:
Wow.  Just wow.  My comb slid right through.  Smooth just like it should be.  There are always tangles with long hair.  ALWAYS.
It took longer than normal to air dry, most likely due to the product locking in moisture.  Did it look different?  Meh.  I couldn't really tell.  My before and after do show a bit of a difference. The feel though...  my hair feels soft, silky, and smooth when it usually feels a bit on the crunchy side.

Overall 1st impression?  I'm gonna go with it.  I am enthusiastic to see if this mop does indeed show an improvement of volume, thickness and growth.

These photos were taken on the same day of the week and same time of day, a week a part.
Left side is my normal shampoo, right is Monat.
Both photos are not altered in any way except to put into a collage.
There is visible color difference and a bit smoother texture after 1 wash.
And maybe I am imagining it but it my brassy blonde streaks seem to have subtly changed as well.
I'll check back in 30 days.