Urban Air Meridian

I am sooooo, so, so grateful to have indoor play parks for the boys.

Yeah, they cost $$$ but to wear them out when its so freaking cold?

Worth it.

Plus I might have played a little too...  Swimming in a sea of clear bubble balls is pretty rad.


Helper Paws

Jeff had the cutest little helper today.
Ok so maybe she hindered more than helped but she is definitely cuuuuuuute!


And they all stared...

We spent the afternoon fooling around...  downtown that is!

1st a game of hockey with the annual Guns N' Hoses law enforcement vs firefighters.  The commentators were hilarious!

Then we hit a couple of stores and made idiots out of ourselves.  I don't think the stoners minded too much.  Pretty sure I caught a couple of them snickering.

Come on.
One does not pass the Lucha Libre masks and NOT try them on!!!

Lesson learned:
     1.  One size does not fit all
     2.  This may be the perfect idea for Halloween 2018
     3.  Who knew the Boise Army Navy Store could be cool?!?