Chirp, Chirp

Chirping has nothing to do with this post.
I could have put Wallowa in the title but naw.
This place was sweet.
It was made even better by due to the people we were with.
We know some pretty amazing peeps!

Let's talk about dat ass.
This is day 1.
Can you imagine the next few days?
My whole cheek SCREAMED at me.
I am a week out today.
I am definitely NOT a river boarder.
Lesson learned.

What have I done?


I may look tired...

Because I am.

Adventure time does not happen without a price.  The work week creeps by slowly and the weekend blast right by.

And again, here we are 'relaxing' pre-adventure.

The mountains are calling and we must go - paddleboarding that is!


I don't think I have ever called el hubster my bff before...
It's definitely hit and miss....
Right now we're a hit!
The little dudes though - they're my buddies fo sho.
Until they hit teenagehood that is...  Then I am sure I will be public momnemy #1.

This cat.
For being a black kitty, she seems to thrive in triple digits.


Moms Night Out

Had a good time being a fat flapper at a Murder Mystery Dinner.
It was expensive but fun!
And then I came home.
You would think these little fellas would have had enough of me but nope.
Snuggles right up next to me.  😍
At least I'm not on the toilet.