Happy As A Clam

High as a Kite.
I still feel like I broke my back on the water but at least it's somewhat bearable now.
An intense anti inflammatory and muscle relaxer take the edge off but the pain is still there.
I have also since learned that sitting is a backs worst enemy.  I went from 10000+ steps down to 2500 a day, and slowly going back up to 8000.
It's a very slow and long process.



That's me crying by the way.

My mancub is hitting a milestone this year.  He's so big but yet so small! 

And as you can tell by that last shot, he is totally not into taking pics AT ALL.


Outta Dodge

We got the heck out of town for a few days. 
Our last hurrah before we have to start saving for our trip to France!
Oh and I made it to level 38 - YEAAAA!

Level 38

38 years young Snapchat montage.
HBD to me!

Oh, and me playing with Annabell.
It happens.


Mini D's and Mancubs

Mini Dounuts today.
As you can tell,
They were terrible.
So terrible.
Get in my belly terrible.
I may have to make this mistake again.
Mancubs and Hubster agree.