Trader Joe's

You complete me. ❤
In a bad way.

Side note:  I may have found my 2018 Bacon Dish - Maple Bacon Pumpkin Tart!


El Blanco Diablo

Though she doesn't behave like it - she is certainly looking more adultish.


Judge Not My Curtains

We have this little beast running around that seems to think curtains are little beasts playground.

Don't judge my moody natural light coming in on this dismal day...  which is still kinda cool - am I right???

Focus, rather, on the the sweet old man on the chaise.  He is also, like the curtains, taking a breather from his new and boisterous counterpart from chewing on his tail.  Possibly dreaming of the days when he too, was a furrrrrr-oucious mini beast himself.


To Microblade Or Not To Microblade

These eyebrows.  Sheesh.

I will take the blonde arm pit and leg hair but color on my lashes and brows would have been nice.
I'm like albino with a dash of cayenne pepper over here.

I already dye these lashes...
I've seen all these ladies get the microblading done on their brows and it looks FAB-U-LOUS.

Now, I just have to ask myself am I really vain enough to go through with it?

A Day In the Life of:

Do you wanna make a snowflake?

Yeah, not with this kid around.

PS - Frozen egg anyone?