Week in Review

Bo is hard at work on his biography project.
Penny in the wild.
Yes she is panting.
Oh Bo.
Always game for a picture.
My guys were born with a camera in their faces.
Jeff got me a bubble machine and it is amazing!
This slug was as big as my finger!
Until someone rode up and squished it with a bike tire as I was taking a photo.
My clematis this year...
Me and boo...
With a filter.
Thanks to the filter, you can't see that I had electrolysis done and the blisters I have around my lips and chin.
Jiffy-poo replacing our screen door and installing a pet guard to prevent Annabell's and ahem... humans from plowing through it.
He's such a punk.
But I love him.

I do love the bubble machine he got me though, it's pretty rad.
Bo thinks so too.
This mess.
This hot mess is Bo.
All from his back pack.
Would you look at that?
I caught an Orion!
Thank goodness for Snapchat.
The filters reel em in!
Poor poo-poo.
This is after a 3 mile walk.
The vet has released her back to full normal activity.
I am still afraid to take her to the dog park though....
I love that sweet girl.


Week in Review

We were so busy this week but not a ton of pictures.
We started out the weekend though with Jeff's bday.
He doesn't like aging too much but he was pretty spoiled.
Oh.  Yep.  There she is.
Jeff and I walk Bo to school every Friday and one of the neighborhoods has cactuses in bloom!
Saturday, Bo and I went rolling blading at Kleiner.
This goose family had 14 goslings!!!
It was impressive.
Especially when most other families had an average of 5 babies.
For Mother's Day, I tried to call my mom and forgot they were now at the campground...
Hi mom! 
Happy mother's day!
PS - I sent you a package
We had breakfast with Jeff's sister and family and then the boys and I went to Babby Farms.
The kangaroo above looks like he means business but I was taking a picture between the fence.
Hence the stinkeye effect.
The boys loved the roos - I loved the llamas!
With a face like that who couldn't love a llama?
The camel was pretty majestic.
There were 2 humped ones too but they were too far away.
The Asian Otters stole everyone's hearts, they look so sweet!
I HAD to get a selfie with the llama!
Orion loooooved the camel.
Bo was a bit apprehensive.
At one point, the camel tried to taste Orion by surprise so Bo was on point with that one.
Oh. Yep.  There she is again.
A little snuggle time before she bites the shit out of me.
I'm ready for a nap.


Week in Review

It is so gorgeous outside and my lazy ass is in here posted my week in review.
Just look at that beautiful girl!
That face makes my heart happy - at that's just one of the reasons why she is the most expensive pound puppy you've ever seen.
I am super annoyed with this hair cut.
Look at those layers!!!!  I'm just gonna have to wait it out...
My little blue eyed devil.
I am such a sucker for this face.
Orion and I playing at Target.
He's such a cute little smartass.
Orion's last track meet.
We changed out the last two garden beds to cinder blocks and planted veggies.
Our sweet neighbors brought us breakfast one morning. 
Yes,  I killed that doughnut. 
Susanna is back from Thailand!!!
And to her dismay, in denial that Orion is taller than her.
I laugh but I know I'm next.
Cinco de Mayo at our neighbors yesterday.
Always too much food and tons of fun!
This was my job duty this morning.
The annual Lunashave.
Only this time, she didn't take it so well.
I mean, check out that stinkeye!!!
She was so pissed that she took a swipe and her favorite human!
Luckily, I trimmed her talons before this incident because I am not so sure Jeff wouldn't have snapped her neck.


Week in Review

So many pictures, so little time.
While Orion studies away at Mathnasium, Bo and hit the park with some OCP's.
I got spoiled rotten at work for Admin. Assistant day...

Seriously spoiled.
Yep.  They got me flowers.
Sniff, sniff.
I chopped off 3 inches of hair.
And got a super bad, uneven hair cut.
Seriously disappointed in this crap but what am I going to do?
Cut it more?
My. 1st. Blooming. Orchid.
Jeff will concur, I kill them all.
But this baby, she held on for the last year AND popped out a pretty bloom!
I cut out 70 of these hats for nurses week.
Thankfully some of my children, ahem upper management, have a great sense of humor and made it more fun.
Dust storm rolling in on the way to Payette.
My guys enjoying their new hats.
The Sawtooths on display.
All the grands in 1 photo.
Plus Bo.
Posing with a dog butt.
And Bo.
Fell in mud.
Giving us a gun show in beast mode.
Our little family #usie
The boys opening up some more Easter loot.
Orion went through them all to see the dollar Bill's from the outside. 
And good gravy - cactus duck tape!!!
I don't know what I would do with it but I need it!
To which we promptly purchased bacon duck tape instead.
And this one.
I turn my back for 1 second and she thinks she is queen of the countertop.
I try to punish her by smothering that cute face with kisses but she doesn't seem to be learning her lessons.