Week in Review

I am the crazy animal lover who post pictures about their animals.
Let the animal side show commence!

Annebell and I took a load to the dump...
She got 2 treats that day!
When we came home, this one was all on the counter like she was queen bae.

Little brat.
She's like, EVERYWHERE.
Behind your bed, scare you out of sleep, EVERYWHERE.
Annabell's tongue looks like laughy taffy.
It looks so fake but that tongue is seriously gigantic!
She is the sweetest though.
The ants go marching 2 by 2...
My boy is the tallest out there.
He is grounded this week because of his grades...
He has been in a pissy mood all week.
And here we are.
Supporting him. 
Bo and I taking an #usie on our walk around the park before Orion's game.
I caught Jeff sleeping when he was supposed to be watching the game... I busted up laughing and gave myself away.
He tried to tell me he was watching the whole time.
We were also stuck working concessions for the 2nd game.
Bo was super excited to help out.
Jeff manned the grill, we manned the counters.
Bo tried to learn and be super helpful, he was super good at annoying the teenage girls assisting us.
He definitely looked super cute!!!


Week in Review

Orion looks like he was BORN with an afro!
The rest of us - not so much.
A little painting party at our crib.
We had some rotting siding replaced and painting it became a family affair.
You can see how thrilled Orion is.
We were swarmed by flies and poor Tennessee got stung by a yellow jacket.
It looks really good except now we want to paint the whole house.

Annabell has these moments where she thinks she is a lap dog.
It never lasts long.
The afro was for Jeff to wear to a work friends 70s themed 50th birthday party.
We all looked pretty rad...
Jeff really rocked that afro though!


Week in Review

My little kitty girl, on my Orion.
He tortures her and this is what she does.
I kiss her and she growls at me.
Annual Scentsy show, they always do a great job!
I took this pic this week of me in my new hat.
Jeff has never seen it.
Jeff, a few days later, taking a pic of himself at the BSU opening game.
Two peas in a pod I tell ya...
This little princess...
Just because.
She is a princess.
Road our bikes to Fanci Freeze for a sweet treat.
The fries were loooooooooong.
My boy, the ranch drinker.
Last but not least, a bathroom selfie...
Look. At. That.  Penny tile!!!!


Week in Review

I wait all year...
I waited all week...
For this.
No launch.
This is only the 2nd time in all the years we have gone that there wasn't a balloon launch.
It's okay though, I had really good company.
You see this business?
Oh yes, wait for it...
Well look what decided to just show up in our hood the day after a no launch?
Ahh, they came to meeeeeeee!!!!
PW breaking in the new granite composite sink. 



Week in Review

BIG week this week!
My big man with attitude graced my lens with his presence for the first day of school...

Not without struggle of course. 
This jolly little fellow is always willing to be in front of the camera. 
Ok, so maybe he is beginning to look more reluctant.  :(
Annabell and Jeff were a bit excited to have an empty house...
Those suckers I saved for our family photos?
They tasted like pure sugar straight out of the bag!
Not good.
And you could see it on my face in our family photos.
These little sassypants enjoyed the shit of them though.

The fair had a ski lift that went ALL the way across the fairgrounds.
It was breathtaking.
Such a unique, different perspective.
This was the only ride we took part in.
Nighttime fair lights are magical!

The 'tweenager' is radiating straight outta this guy.
Perpetually annoyed and smartassy.

His mom can be a bit of a dork so I will let some moments slide.
I picked a SHIT TON of veggies from the garden beds.
Artichokes galore but the most impressive were the multi-colored carrots.
I will be planting these beauties again next year!

Here's where my pictures get out of order...
I had too many to share!

The fair is the only place you can get the ice cream Idaho potato, we just can't pass them up.
We found a mantis on the house...
It was a angry little bugger
Until Annabell pacified the beast with her sweet stare down.
And she photobombed Bo vs Mantis
Waiting for our photographer outside the fair,
I can't  wait to get our photos back!
One of the best shots with Bo vs Goat
The goat only wanted to nibble Bo's locks, cared less about the sucker.