That One Time

On Snapchat...
When Jeff got a total makeunder.
And I might have been doing a bit of drunksnapping at Mads grad partay.

Pokemon Go

Just yer average Booboo holding a Pokemon for me to catch.



I yanked my 1st harvest of garlic and they smell DELICIOUS!
Orion was kind enough to let me know they smell like farts.
The ducklings are starting to quack, and even though Annabell lounges leisurely with the ducks - she still wants to chase a chicken.
I don't get it.



ME: Drying off after a shower with the door open, Bo walks in.

BO:  Looks down at my crotch and says "Huh."

ME: "What so you mean by that?"

BO: " You were right, you don't have any testicles .  But where is your pee pee?"

These guys...

Are the messiest creatures I have EVER had!

And the neediest too. 
We go inside, they cry at the back door.
They shit all over the doormat.
I wish they had a real mother.
They are super stinking cute though.