Week in Whaaaaa???

Ummm, oops.
Don't know where the time went but my consistency on here slipped away!

We had a REALLY good rainfall in the last couple of weeks that resulted in snails taking up residence on our driveway.  I saved as many as I could but uh... we have a few crushed shells. 

We froze our booties off in Nampa for Orion's last season game.
It was weird/cool to see the old Stampede building surrounded by baseball fields.
It was a bit nostalgic...  that's been hitting me a lot lately.
Wedding magic happening at my crib.
I was coerced into doing someone's wedding hair but it turned out better than I had hoped so I feel pretty good about the upcoming nuptials.
I was also guilted into taking this lovely ladies senior photos...
With my phone.
I don't feel good about that but man they turned out good!
Helps that the subject is a stunner.
A group of work ladies and I made a bunch of different signs with a cricut machine.  Now I NEED one.
I was super excited and framed this sucker out for some fancy pants detailing.
My neighbs brought some Halloween swag for my boys and these glasses were a part of the pack.
Needless to say, I had some fun...
At poor Annabell's expense.
She is such a good girl!
I about peed myself laughing at her, especially when the one eye started to drop!
We have the cheesy, stupid expensive pumpkin patch that the boys hit this year.
They were playing country music.
We couldn't get away from there fast enough.
And the glasses made a final appearance for the day.
Tomorrow we're off to Orion band concert.
Gotta get our fireplace fixed.
Jeff and Orion are going hunting.
1 wedding and 2 Halloween parties all on the same day!


Week in Review

We've had a super busy couple of weekends.

Would you look at that good girl?
Just patiently waiting for the rest of her treat.
9th Annual Baconfest at Susanna and Justus'.
We went to Julie and Craig's place and rounded up our cow to grain it before butchering it.
Actually, the cow just walked himself in the pen...
He's more like a pig.
He does have a name - Black Sabbath 
He tried to lick Annabell.
I am pretty sure Annabell wanted to naw on his knee.
Hamish and Callum came out to see what was up.
They are so shy but we don't get to see them often.
See, like a pig.
Big cousins and little cousins, and all around bros.
The littles do like my littles more than the big peeps.
Bo discovered walnuts.
And made good use of them.
Culver's is magical, delicious goodness.
Orion passed on custard for their cheese curds.
Well, I dig Tin Roof Tacos.
I could eat there every day.
We have this spider.
I keep it with my Halloween stuff...
But somebody's is always messing with it.
Rainy Saturday selfie with my Boo at baseball.
Jeff brought us hot chocolate to kick the chill.
That's my handsome tweenage devil!
I haven't taken a picture of him this whole fall ball season.
He's so damn adorable!
And THIS!!!
Caught in the act - Pennywise knocking off that stupid spider in a hit and run.
I revamped a dresser and Jeff and Penny were helping install the new hardware.

It's baking season.
I am baking a ton of shit including zucchini crisp - it tastes JUST like apples!!! Plus we use up the rest of the zucchini from the garden. 

Tomorrow I have dinner club at my house with a bunch of ladies from work.
This week I am running the auction and bake sale at work.
I even got a bunch of Christmas shopping done!
There is always something!


Week in Review

I am the crazy animal lover who post pictures about their animals.
Let the animal side show commence!

Annebell and I took a load to the dump...
She got 2 treats that day!
When we came home, this one was all on the counter like she was queen bae.

Little brat.
She's like, EVERYWHERE.
Behind your bed, scare you out of sleep, EVERYWHERE.
Annabell's tongue looks like laughy taffy.
It looks so fake but that tongue is seriously gigantic!
She is the sweetest though.
The ants go marching 2 by 2...
My boy is the tallest out there.
He is grounded this week because of his grades...
He has been in a pissy mood all week.
And here we are.
Supporting him. 
Bo and I taking an #usie on our walk around the park before Orion's game.
I caught Jeff sleeping when he was supposed to be watching the game... I busted up laughing and gave myself away.
He tried to tell me he was watching the whole time.
We were also stuck working concessions for the 2nd game.
Bo was super excited to help out.
Jeff manned the grill, we manned the counters.
Bo tried to learn and be super helpful, he was super good at annoying the teenage girls assisting us.
He definitely looked super cute!!!


Week in Review

Orion looks like he was BORN with an afro!
The rest of us - not so much.
A little painting party at our crib.
We had some rotting siding replaced and painting it became a family affair.
You can see how thrilled Orion is.
We were swarmed by flies and poor Tennessee got stung by a yellow jacket.
It looks really good except now we want to paint the whole house.

Annabell has these moments where she thinks she is a lap dog.
It never lasts long.
The afro was for Jeff to wear to a work friends 70s themed 50th birthday party.
We all looked pretty rad...
Jeff really rocked that afro though!


Week in Review

My little kitty girl, on my Orion.
He tortures her and this is what she does.
I kiss her and she growls at me.
Annual Scentsy show, they always do a great job!
I took this pic this week of me in my new hat.
Jeff has never seen it.
Jeff, a few days later, taking a pic of himself at the BSU opening game.
Two peas in a pod I tell ya...
This little princess...
Just because.
She is a princess.
Road our bikes to Fanci Freeze for a sweet treat.
The fries were loooooooooong.
My boy, the ranch drinker.
Last but not least, a bathroom selfie...
Look. At. That.  Penny tile!!!!